First Aid for Finances: A Webinar for Medical Residents Presented by alooola

Are you in a medical residency or fellowship and wondering what you need to do for your overall long-term financial health?


We created this video especially for you, with helpful information about the topics that are especially relevant today, including:


  • Investing - Should you be doing it, and how?

  • Taxes - How to pay less!

  • Debt - Pay it off or invest instead?

  • Buying a house - How to buy one and special programs available for residents

  • Children - Special considerations


"Growing your wealth is simple...

You just need the right team supporting you."

Disclosure: The material presented is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be advice to any individual. Talk with alooola to see how this information may apply to you. Consider your current financial situation, tolerance for risk, and investment objectives before you invest funds in securities through alooola. For a more complete explanation of the alooola service, please visit This video includes factual data based on articles published by Barrons, Bloomberg, Fidelity, Vanguard, Wall Street Journal, and the US Department of Labor. For tax-specific questions, consult with a tax professional. For real estate questions, consult with a real estate professional.