Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the alooola Guarantee?

We are so confident in our service model and care so much about the relationships we build with our members that if you are not 100% satisfied with our alooola team, we will refund your entire fee for that month.

How do I contact alooola?

You are always more than welcome to call us at (484)-275-5525 or email us at We pride ourselves on being available to speak with you and address any questions or concerns you may have in a timely manner.

Where is my money held?

It is held with either National Financial Services, LLC or Pershing, LLC in order to provide the highest level of protection for the money you have worked so hard for.

What exactly is the Automatic Wealth Plan?

The Automatic Wealth Plan is an automatic monthly deposit designed to both increase your wealth and get you into the saving mindset. The monthly deposits start at a value of $25 for the Basic Plan and $50 for the Premium Plan, but you can choose to set aside more if you wish. Setting aside more money will enable you to grow your savings at a faster rate- getting you behind the wheel of that car or relaxing on that beach that much sooner.

Why is setting up an Automatic Wealth Plan part of the alooola process?

At alooola, we truly believe that it’s the small actions that make the biggest difference in life. Fortunately, the small action of creating an Automatic Wealth Plan has benefits that support this belief in several ways. 1. You create a habit that over time, allows you to build your wealth. Paying yourself first by sending money to your account every month and putting it to work helps build your wealth. Market values of your investments go up and down – dollar cost averaging your monthly investments build wealth over time – and that doesn’t even include the dividends earned on investments which compound over time. This means you are earning money by virtually doing nothing but putting a little money away every month. By automatically depositing at least $25 in the Automatic Wealth Plan, you will be in the habit of building wealth.
2. You create a better future for yourself. We want to work with people who are serious about their futures. In a world where a large majority of Americans do not even have enough money to pay for a small emergency, we want to ensure that you are as committed to yourself as we are.
3. You create flexibility to achieve your life goals. The resources you create over time through saving and investing give you options for the future – pay for more education, start a family, buy your first place, anything you may wish!

What does my monthly fee cover?

The monthly fee is a total package service fee that provides you with access to a number of services including our mobile app and the alooola team. You also receive reports such as Quarterly Reports and a Financial Budgeting Plan. For a more detailed list of our services and price plans check out the "Subscription" page.

How are your fees so much more affordable than competitors?

alooola has long standing relationships with some of our partners which allows us to attain attractive prices for transactions compared to our competitors. Additionally, while we enjoy being part of a growing and thriving company, our goal is not to achieve the highest profit possible at the expense of our members; thus, we charge minimal fees. Instead, our primary goal is to deliver quality and friendly financial advice to you at an extremely affordable price. That being said, we are still human and you seem pretty cool, so if you like working with us and want to introduce us to some of your friends we would count that as better than money.

What do you invest in?

We make our investments based on you. We take into account your individualized information including your risk profile, income, and life goals to shape an attractive portfolio created specifically for you. We invest in both exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. Our investments in ETFs and mutual funds are ideal for two reasons: Diversification: Exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds invest in many different firms which allows you to have ownership in more great companies. This strategy also reduces your risk. Intuitively, this is because if one company unexpectedly performs poorly your portfolio will be affected less since you own a large pool of companies. Affordable: alooola uses its long-standing relationship with its clearing firms to ensure that you do not get charged any transaction fee for any of the ETF of mutual fund investments.

What is your investment strategy?

We believe in focusing on long-term wealth growth. Research shows that trying to time the market is a fool’s game. For example, according to data compiled by NYU's Stern School of Business, a 24% decline in the S&P in 1974 was followed by a 60% total raise over the next two years while and 3% drop in 1990 was followed by a 30% raise in 1991. (Note: are there any more recent examples?) We encourage our clients to enjoy life rather than focus on the ups and downs of the stock market. If you try to trade based on the whims of the market, you become a speculator or gambler rather than an intelligent investor. At alooola, we focus on diligently researching and selecting quality investments funds for our clients so they can realize long-term growth that helps them increase their wealth and achieve their life goals. Source:

How are you different than other financial advisors or robo-advisors?

We love when we get this question. Although there are literally countless ways we are different some of our favorites include: 1) Our long-term pricing is transparent and cheaper...often a lot cheaper!
2) Every alooola member gains access to both our cutting-edge technology platform and a human advisory team regardless of their wealth
3) We do not imply that we will get you a better investment return than anyone else, because, frankly the other financial firms are making a very risky claim. We do, however, promise that we will care for your hard earned money and provide you with amazing financial support and service.

How is my information protected?

Our trading platform and our technology platform are constructed with the highest level security, including 256-bit SSL encryption for all information transfers. In addition, securities are monitored by independent security firms. Please feel free to call us at (484)-704-2555 if you would like any more information.

Can my alooola portfolio decrease in value?

Although our goal is to help you grow your wealth, there is always risk involved with investing and the possibility that your portfolio could decrease in value as past performances do not guarantee future results. That being said, we take your risk tolerance into account when making trades, creating a portfolio with a risk level you are comfortable with. When we talk about your investments, we will discuss the risk component of the investment.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time and fees will be prorated. That means if you leave before the month is over, you will only pay for the time that you had an account. The account custodian charges a closing fee which will be used to cover the operational cost of closing your account.

Who will be responsible for making trades within my portfolio?

Taking your risk tolerance, personal preferences and other factors into mind, alooola uses a highly experienced team of experts to make trades within your portfolio. We keep our eyes on the market so that you can focus on living your best life.

What is the difference between the Basic and Premium Plans?

For just $10 a month, the Basic Plan gives you Quarterly Reports, a Financial Budgeting Plan, access to support staff and advisors, a mobile app to track your wealth growth, and an annual meeting with alooola team members. The Automatic Wealth Plan is set at a minimum of $25 a month for those with the Basic Plan. In addition to the services provided under the Basic Plan, those with the Premium Plan also receive a Financial Retirement Plan, have the ability to make changes to their Financial Plans, implement stop-losses, receive a Risk Analysis Report, and can schedule up to four meetings a year with the alooola team members for $25 a month. The Automatic Wealth Plan is set at a minimum of $50 a month for those with the Premium Plan. Members who have assets of $110,000 or more are automatically bumped up to the Premium Plan. Please see “Our Model” for additional services and information.

What is a ticket charge? Will I have to pay them?

A ticket charge, sometimes called a ticket fee, is a fee that firms charge their customers for each trade. Here at alooola, we believe that you shouldn’t be punished for taking an active role in your finances so you will never have to pay a ticket charge for purchases made with alooola. After all, no one likes hidden fees. If you transfer assets from another firm and decide to sell those, ticket charges may apply.

What is the Risk Analysis Report?

The Risk Analysis Report provides you with a Risk Value of your portfolio on a scale of 0 to 100. A lower value indicates a lower level of risk within your portfolio while a higher value indicates more risk. Whether you like to be cautious or throw it to the wind, the Risk Analysis Report will let you know just how much of a daredevil you are.

What are the Financial Budgeting and Financial Retirement Plans?

The Financial Budgeting Plan and Financial Retirement Plan are created with your life goals in mind. They include information such as how much money you should be setting aside and how much you should be budgeting for different aspects of your life. In addition, we will provide you with some suggested guidelines for getting the most out of your money.

What does implementing a stop-loss do?

Stop-losses are like safety nets. When there is a stop-loss in place on a particular stock, the sale of that stock is triggered when its value drops to a specified price. For example, if you implement a stop-loss for your holdings of Company A at $100 and Company A's stock value drops below $100, the stop-loss is triggered and sells your holdings at the next available price. As the name suggests, stop-losses are designed to minimize your losses when the value of a holding drops due to an event or overall market shifts.

Where are your headquarters?

Unlike traditional advisory service companies, we work with people in any location because we work with you on your own time through our 24/7 technology platform, phone calls, and video-conferences. Our headquarters are based near Princeton, NJ so if you ever happen to be passing through please stop by the office for a coffee or treat…our snack cabinet is unrivaled.

Do I have to come into your office for meetings?

Nope! We know how busy your life is and we don’t want to make it any more hectic. We can meet with you via a conference or video call, whichever one works best for you! That being said if you would like to stop by to meet the team and get some warm cookies, we’d love to have you!

How do I talk to an alooola team member?

You can call an alooola representative at 484-275-5525 who can tell you more about us and help you set up an appointment for you.

What is with the name?

alooola is a name near and dear to us because it embodies so much of what we stand for: 1) It is unique…just like me and you
2) The three o’s represent our three beliefs: We believe that you should be able to create a better future for yourself without sacrificing the present. We believe that when you can shop, pay taxes, and watch movies online you should also be able to use technology to help you control your finances. At alooola you get the support of a friendly and knowledgeable human team and the convenience of a digital platform- the best of both worlds! We believe that the world is complicated but your finances shouldn’t be. That is why we help you set up an automatic savings plan, create a financial plan, and grow your wealth.
3) It is a palindrome (spelled the same forwards and backwards) – it's just more fun that way!
4) It is derived from the word alula, which is a feather on the anterior edge of an eagle’s wing. The interesting thing about the alula is that it does not allow the eagle to fly but rather helps it glide during flight. Similarly, our goal is not to tell you what you can and cannot do with your finances. Instead we like to think we help you live your life the way you want by helping you increase your wealth.