Financial Education Partnerships

Learn how we work with schools and companies to provide their students and employees with free resouces to put them on a healthy financial path

Are there any costs associated with the partnership?
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Nope.  Its that simple.  All our services are free to both the organizations (school or company) and its  students or employees

How do you make money?
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Our entire firm oversees around $4 billion which means we have enough money to finance our partnerships.  Our goal is to 1. educate young professionals financially (something that is missing in the US) and 2. create a relationship that is valuable enough that a few students or employees choose to work with us after they the school or company

Are you fiduciary advisors?
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Yes, we are fiduciaries.  This means legally any advice we give to your students or employees must be in their best interest

What type of issues do you help students / employees with?
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Pretty much anything that effects their finances.  Debt, marriage, divorce, kids, investing, retirement, buying a house or car, insurance, traveling, etc.  All of our members are licensed financial advisors and have experience working with individuals regarding these topics.

Can we customize the partnership?
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Yes, typically we meet with you as the administrative or management team and discuss what resources you would like to provide and in what manner.  We then cater our partnership resources to meet those goals.