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alooola Helps Companies with Retirement Plans in 3 Ways

Reduced Fees

"At alooola®, we won't bring you on as a 401(k) partner unless we can reduce both your administrative and investment fees."

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*Based on average mutual fund expense ratio in 2021

**Based on stock investment fund ratios as of 8/25/2022


Reduce Fees
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"You're busy growing your business. The last thing you need is another item on your to-do list."

A Simplified Process

1. Management Report

Each year, we provide you with signed documentation confirming your plan's Form 5500 has been filed and your Retirement Plan has been thoroughly reviewed.

2. Online Access

Our platform is paperless and eliminates the need for endless forms. Adjust your plan's match, add or remove employees, or change your plan's investment options - all with the click of a button! 

Simplified Process

Employee Education

"Your employees now receive another financial benefit by working at your no cost to them."

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Disclosure: The estimated potential savings are based on the average mutual fund fee. Actual savings may vary based on the specific plan.

Employee Education
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