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alooola® Money Monthly - October 2022

Curious about what's happening in the stock market? Every month, the alooola® team summarizes the key takeaways in a quick, easy-to-understand article!

What Do I Need to Know? Recession to Recovery

•A recent survey of economists has the probability of a recession in the next 12 months at 63%, up from 49% in July. •The average U.S. recession since 1947 has seen stocks fall around 30%. •Yet, sometimes bad news is good news. •At its lowest point, the stock market has dropped over 26%. Since 1950 the stock market has dropped 25% or more 9 times... •All except 1 of those times resulted in positive returns 1 year later with an average return of 22%.

America the Strong

•The U.S. dollar is up 15% this year against the euro, 20% on the British pound, and 25% on the yen. •This has created a huge problem since 25% of S&P 500 companies' revenues come from abroad (i.e. a strong dollar hurts their revenue received from abroad). •Europe, in particular, is a concern for investors as it continues to struggle with the war in Ukraine and high energy prices. •Within the S&P 500 Booking Holdings, Estee Lauder, and Cooper Cosmetics have the highest exposure to Europe, with over 40% of their revenue derived from the region.

Cocktail Party Facts

•Historically, during recessions, the stocks of discount retailers tend to outperform the rest of the stock market.  •For example, discount retailers such as T.J. Maxx, Dollar Tree, and Ross had an average return of above 20% in a recession compared to the overall market, which falls around -30%.

Financial Wellbeing Tax Hack

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